Mon Imaginaire ... Gabrielle. E

Mon Imaginaire ...             Gabrielle. E

To my Darling

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To my darling To you my dear darling,
Who slowly passed away,
Let me tell you how much I miss you,
In the silence of my day There an empty chair at the table
Where we used to eat and cheer,
There will always be an empty place,
Since you slowly passed away! I will have to walk

my road
In the silence of my life
But the only thing I am grateful for,
Is now you have no pain! I will ask the angles, up their
To lead you, on your way
So rest with God my darling,
Till we meet again some day
And then you will take my hand
And together we will pray Angel Stella

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116 appréciations
désolée chère amie, je n'ai pas de traducteur et ne comprends rien
Je ne parle et ne lis que le Français

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